Palma love

Hello loves! I hope you are having a nice summer wherever you are, we are having a great time enjoying Palma ❤ I might start to write in english only from now on, so I want to ask you how the translation tool is working! Are you able to read in your own language?

We had a great Sunday dinner this week at Bahia Mediterraneo starting with ravioli and calamares…

c28ffb2b-f9e3-4798-8e31-c9f203301e68And for mains we had great meat and most importantly… a beautiful bearnaise!! It’s not that common here so when we saw there was bearnaise on the menu our evening got even more perfect haha…

ae512528-b1b6-426c-b0e6-e054f1c53f02Hellooo! Had a blast in this beautiful environment!

822714f4-d1f9-4be8-b561-bb39b9c5b3a6And with quite a view…

d71b4b4c-e716-4ba2-a9b8-931a5b0d2142A beautiful evening celebrating that we took the chance to move here!!

Also, I have to show you something else! A few weeks ago I found a company here on the island called groundlines. I contacted them with an idea for our apartment, and got to speak with the founder Xsico. img_5598
I requested maps from Palma and Thessaloniki (since it’s the two cities we’ve gotten the chance to stay in on our adventures abroad) and look at this, aren’t they beautiful!! I loved that you got to choose your colours and I am so happy with how everything turned out.  Soon I will show you the third map we received too.

Tomorrow we are going to explore a (for us) new area of the island, driving towards Andratx, I will be back very soon with a report! Have a great week you guys! xx


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